SAVORY LADY'S KISSES with mortadella mousse

janvier 19, 2024

With such a romantic name, the story of Lady's Kisses could only be a love story. A classic love story, just like this recipe that obviously begins in the halls of a royal palace in the mid-19th century, where Victor Emmanuel II asked his cooks to create a new dessert to be given - so the story goes - to a beautiful lady. "New" not only in taste but also in shape. The invention of a dessert that had never been seen before must surely have been a difficult challenge for the cooks of the House of Savoy, and who knows who first thought of combining two delicious cookies with a gesture that resembles a kiss. And who knows if that's really how "Lady's Kisses" got their name. Some suggest that it's their shape, instead, that resembles a woman's lips. What we know for sure is that the invention has been so successful that modern chefs have been inspired to create a savory version as well.

Ours is beautiful and good as per tradition, but also very quick and simple to make. It is enriched with the unmistakable flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano because in a "king" recipe, the king of cheeses could not be missing. The savory Lady's Kisses will catch the eye and conquer your palate. It takes little time to prepare them, but you will remember them for a long time and, like a gossip running through the halls of a castle, they will surely make people talk about them and their truly irresistible taste.



Preparation time: 10 minutes

Servings:  approx. 25 pieces


2 packs of Parmigiano Reggiano Biscuits by Emilia Food Love

100 g of Mortadella Bologna PGI

40 g of cream cheese spread (e.g. goat cheese or robiola)

2 tablespoons of poppy seeds

1 tablespoon of milk (if needed)

Black pepper in grains 


  1. Preparing the savory Lady's Kisses is very simple: cut the mortadella into strips and place them in a food processor. Then, add the cheese and process on high-speed for a long time until the mixture is smooth and fluffy (if necessary, add a tablespoon of milk to work the mixture better and give it the right consistency).
  2. Add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper and mix with a spoon or spatula.
  3. Open the packs of Parmigiano Reggiano Biscuits and choose pairs of hemispheres that are approximately the same size. Spread a small amount of mortadella mousse on the base of one of the biscuits using a teaspoon and then attach the other biscuit, creating the "lady's kiss". Continue in this way until you finish the filling.
  4. Pour the poppy seeds into a small bowl and roll the Lady's kisses in it, making the seeds stick to the strip of mortadella cream.
  5. You can serve them immediately or store them in the refrigerator for a few hours while waiting to bring them to the table.



You can use the same filling to make crunchy mini sandwiches with Emilia Food Love Crackers. We particularly recommend those with turmeric and poppy seeds or those with sesame.

SAVORY LADY'S KISSES with mortadella mousse Baci di Dama Salati emilia food love parmigiano reggiano mortadella

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